In the beginning of COVID-19, Tony Mansolillo, began going on more social media as everyone did. He was used to having people over his home constantly to cook for and create meals. He got to exchanging recipes with a woman on the NextDoor app and when she explained she was disabled he offered to cook her a meal and .....so began the journey. In the beginning Tony was preparing meals for about six or seven people that would contact him through NextDoor and stated they were out of work, broke, no unemployment in site and needed food. In his love for cooking and doing the right thing it seemed the natural choice to begin cooking his delicious homemade meals for these people and delivering them himself. Soon these six or seven people turned into the 150+ meals he now cooks daily. Tony was determined to continue growing how many people he could reach and feed to make sure that no one went to bed hungry. With the help of several volunteers they have now grown and incorporated to Feed Thy Neighbor Inc. As of 10/16/2020 we were officially granted our 501(c)(3) non-profit status and are now trying to get our commercial kitchen to expand our efforts and reach even further with our delicious home-cooked meals. Right now, Tony cooks these amazing meals out of his kitchen in his home which is quite limiting. His dream is to be able to find a commercial kitchen and deliver and serve not only Naples but Bonita Springs and other areas within reach. Hopefully once the non-profit status goes through this dream will become a reality.