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September 26, 2020 - FTN Announcement

by Ada Fried Wisniewsk

Feed Thy Neighbor has entered a strategic alliance with Meals of Hope to fight hunger here in South West Florida. There continues to be such a great need and we are fighting hard to find funding to take our mission to a larger audience. There are so many hungry and needy people out there. Not just in Naples, where we are currently serving, but in other parts of Southwest Florida. Every day we have more people requesting our home delivery service, of nourishing prepared home cooked meals. Ensuring there is enough to go around has been a challenge. Finding donations, volunteers and food can come with some great difficulty. Meals of hope and its’ President Stephen Popper, CEO have decided to lighten our load with a weekly food supply that takes care of at least 30% of our cost. With their help we can feed more needy. They have our thanks and prayers.

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