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September 20, 2020 - Family of Five

by Ada Fried Wisniewski

We usually don't work weekends or deliver meals but when there are those in need, Feed Thy Neighbor, Inc true to it's name will always be there. One of our neighbors who just started getting deliveries didn't know we don't deliver on weekends. Her and her (4) boys, recently made homeless, were put into the Conty Motel paid for by a charity for this week anyway. She's not sure how they will pay going forward but praying to God something good will happen. They were in dire need of some food so Tony and I went into our donations and did a little shopping. She told us they had a small fridge and microwave so off we went with a box and several bags of groceries to get them through the weekend until we deliver again on Monday. The smile on their faces says it all. This is why we must continue doing what we do.

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