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October 18, 2020 - Finding Those in Need

by Ada Fried Wisniewski

Tony and I have had family visiting for the past two weeks but thank God for our wonderful volunteer, Miriam Mercado, who stepped up and took over delivery of the homeless. She went above and beyond and found so many more than you could imagine. On average Miriam delivers 35 to 40 meals and soups to the homeless every day. She finds them in the park, bus station, there is even a trailer park she goes to where children are walking around shoeless and hungry but Miriam makes sure they get their meal. The need for those to get at last one decent meals grows daily and we are still hoping and praying for commercial kitchen to expand our efforts and reach ALL of those in need. Every bit helps us get closer to that goal. Whether you can help in the kitchen, clean-up, prep or deliver meals or just by donating food, dried goods or money we will take it all as it helps us in every way. Thank you and God bless you all.

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