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Moving Preparations

9/25/2021 Post

Feed Thy Neighbor. We have started the preparation of the facility will be moving into and it makes me very happy to know we have finally secured a location. This location is not permanent but temporary, however we are also working with two local churches who have accepted proposals from us to join them in their mission to serve the community. Both the temporary location and the possible permanent locations do not want us to disclose their location as of now. However just moving into the temporary site is going to cost us $20,000 so we can use all the help we can get. We've already raised part of that, but the back stretch is always the toughest. We mentioned last week that we needed $20,000 to make the move and some donors were wonderful enough to send in donations right away.

9/25/2021 Post

Feed Thy Neighbor. It was a blessed day today. Knowing the pressure, we are under to get out of Saturnia Lakes people have responded with donations to help defray the cost of the move. Then an organization I never even heard of who's been around as a non-profit longer than I have by a long shot, The Lion and the Lamb Foundation, showed up here today to learn more about our operation and I guess they were pleased. Before they left, they inked a large check to help defray the cost of the move. I really believe that if there's such a thing as divine intervention, we are experiencing it now. The people who are trying to put a stop to us feeding the poor and needy cannot stop the forces that be. So, we are finally moving the operation out my home, but we'll leave with the love of people who really care. We want to thank all those who are giving from the heart to help us make this move. This is especially tough because it's not a final move but an interim move so if we can get out of the way of these people who are desperately trying to shut us down. Unfortunately, this means we will have to make a double move. All we can say is thank God there are good people out there who care

9/16/2021 Post

Feed Thy Neighbor. Today, a big thank you to all that made calls to places that have kitchens. We have some good possibilities. Word spreads fast. One of my homeless said to me today, “I hope you keep up your good work, I would hate to have to go back to the dumpsters for dinner”. I assured him as long as I live, I will find a way to feed them. We had a great day God bless you all! Join us with contributions to support our cause.

9/15/2021 Post

Feed Thy Neighbor. Well, Feed Thy Neighbor is really having a crisis now and needs your help. Yesterday in the mail I was issued by mail from the Saturnia Lakes HOA a cease-and-desist order accompanied by a $1000 fine! They don’t care who we feed or who we are helping – all they want is for Feed Thy Neighbor to GET OUT NOW! They gave me pictures of people’s cars parked claiming they are parked “wrong”. I have my own pictures I assure you, of people parked the same way in this community at other’s houses and will show them proof. Meanwhile, these mean-spirited people (I will pray for them) have given a deadline with the most recent place we were attempting to rent falling through I have no idea how we are going to continue feeding the community and taking care of those in need without a kitchen! Please – your help is needed now more than ever. We need to find a place that is willing to provide us a kitchen to use immediately! We are willing to work with someone, pay rent, build if we must but we just need a place and we need it NOW! Contact me if you know of somewhere or someone willing to help. No blind suggestions please. You can reach me directly Tony 239.269.8000. If we don’t get a place Feed Thy Neighbor will disappear and those we help, those who have come to rely on us, those who need to eat at least ONE DECENT MEAL A DAY will no longer have that option. God bless you all! Join us with contributions to support our cause.

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