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September 15, 2020 - Meals Of Hope Steps Up and Helps Support Feed Thy Neighbor!

Everyone that volunteers at Feed Thy Neighbor is amazed at the amount of time and money

Tony and Ada put into shopping, cooking, and delivering delicious homecooked meals five days a week, rain or shine, back pain or not. Every morning Tony starts prepping the soup pot to accompany the evening meals. This is no ordinary soup pot; it is a small “bathtub” of 8 gallons and when it sits on Tony’s household size electric stove top it encroaches on other burners. Once the soup is simmering Tony takes a short nap, because at 11:00 am he starts the main meal. Sometimes he has help cooking, and that is a blessing because Tony is a disabled VET and somedays his back does not feel so great.

From the beginning Tony and Ada paid for the food with an occasional welcomed donation of money or food from the community. Recently someone mentioned that the charity “Meals of Hope,” which distributes food to needy people to combat hunger, heard about Tony and Ada’s effort to provide prepared meals. Stephen Popper the President/CEO of Meals of Hope asked to see Tony. Mr. Popper was also amazed with the efforts of Tony, Ada and those willing volunteers. On September 15, 2020, the two finally met and Mr. Popper told Tony that he wanted to help Feed Thy Neighbor because the goals of the two organizations were the same, to combat hunger. Since that meeting Meals of Hope has provided one third of the food Feed Thy Neighbor needs to make 150 -175 meals every day. Cooking essentials such as chicken, ground beef, butter, eggs, milk, etc help Tony and his volunteers create much of the meals that are hand delivered Monday – Friday.

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