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Gordon Food Service Store Sparks an Idea

Preparing 150+ meals a day means there is a great deal of shopping to be done.  On one

instance Tony and Ada were shopping at GFS and the cashier said, "Aren't you the veteran that prepares and delivers meals for friends in need?  I saw you on ABC 7 News";  Tony humbly admitted that was him and apologizes, "I am not very good in front of crowds or cameras, but I love to cook!"  The cashier laughs and calls over the assistant manager for a quick discussion. When the huddle breaks, she thanked Tony and Ada for stepping up to help others in the community during the COVID-19 crisis.  She then gave them a 10% discount on several chicken and meat products in the store which was greatly appreciated and needed by Tony. She pointed out that if they formed a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization that GFS may be able to donate food since it is going to the community.  This idea was a spark to Tony and shortly after the paperwork was prepared and "Feed Thy Neighbor, Inc" was born.

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