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Robert Sanchez

Robert Sanchez is the FTN Secretary.  He is a retired attorney with a background in engineering and considers himself a Naples “local” since moving here over 8 years ago with his family.   In the beginning of FTN (April 2020) Bob saw Tony’s plea for help to deliver meals and volunteered to drive.  “It (delivering) is the best job!  Tony and other volunteers cook all day and I get all the ‘Thanks Yous’ and smiles when I hand out the meals!”   As demand for Tony’s home cooked meals increased, it became apparent that Tony’s personal funding and other contributors’ donations was not going to be enough.  “Tony just cannot say ‘NO’ to people in need.  Someone told us that we could get additional funding and supplies if we were a formal charity, so Mr. Sanchez helped file for 503c(3) non-profit incorporation status. Hence, his position as secretary was created in the corporate documents by default!   “We quickly realized that our wonderful community supporters were not going to be enough, based on the need we were finding in the field!”

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