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Tony Mansolillo

Anthony “Tony” Mansolillo grew up in Rhode Island. At an early age he was introduced to cooking and a lifelong love affair began. Tony was ambitious and after proudly serving his country in the Vietnam War and becoming combat disabled, he was honorably discharged and decided to pursue various ventures as an entrepreneur.  Always ambitious and wanting the best for himself and his family Tony moved to Florida in 1988 and opened a real estate business, mortgage business and had several other business ventures he would follow. In his journey in Naples, he found Nicaea Academy which at the time was just a small school needing some attention and a businessman. Tony became involved as always and eventually was put on the Board. The school prospered with Tony on their side and eventually grew to be capable of providing many more children a top-notch education. Always the soft spot for children Tony was told to “stay away” from the time out room. He would often be caught in there playing with the children who were supposed to be in time out and not having fun at all. Tony’s businesses continue to move forward but all have now taken a back seat to his passion for Feed Thy Neighbor. Cooking and feeding the community is where his heart is now and will remain.

Tony's Veteran Owned Mortgage Company 

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