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Collier and Lee County FL

For Tony Mansolillo, food and friends have always been his passions. He enjoyed having people come to his home. He loved cooking and sharing meals with them. When Covid hit in early 2020 though, all that ended, and like many others, Tony spent more and more time online, but his passions never waned. Indeed, he found friends on the NextDoor app and began to exchange recipes. When one of his recipe buddies shared that she was disabled, Tony offered to cook a meal for her, and so began a new journey.

Tony’s friend shared his offer with a few friends, and soon Tony was preparing meals for six or seven people who would contact him through the NextDoor app. They were broke, out of work, and could see no prospects for future employment. And, they needed food. In his love for cooking and people, it seemed the natural choice to begin cooking his delicious homemade meals and delivering them himself.

Feed Thy Neighbor is about community and without the support of the surrounding community we cant continue our mission. Please Help Us

If You Can!

There is more to giving than just money.

The true nature of giving begins with the self. Please take some time from your busy day and help us do something wonderful.

Feed Thy Neighbor, Inc. was formed to alleviate hunger through the gathering and distribution of food and prepared meals.  We do not want anyone, especially children, to go to bed hungry regardless of their circumstances.



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We are always looking for Corporate Sponsorship - Please contact Vincent Mansolillo 239-200-8141

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